How to pick a whisky gift

Probably the most unique presents to offer someone is really a whisky gift. Whisky presents can be both private and can make for excellent professional presentations. Whilst numerous people opt to purchase wine when going to someone, whisky is actually too growing in the ranks of becoming a popular present item. A NEW whisky surprise is no longer and old man�s drink but is seen as a discerning gift provided by a genuine fanatic. Young and older regardless of sex today like a excellent whisky distilling whiskey.


When you’re thinking about giving a whisky gift you need to do some homework and obtain some information on the various kinds of whiskies readily available. A single malt Scotch or perhaps a vintage Bourbon tend to be two of the greatest whiskies that you could present. A single malt Scotch also offers several flavours and textures which rely on areas which the whisky originates from. You should read up just a little about the main whisky making regions of Scotland to be able to determine which whisky you want to present.

The primary whisky producing regions in Scotland are usually Islay, Speyside, Island, Highland, Lowland as well as Campbeltown. From most of these locations it’s the Highland as well as Speyside whiskies which are the most popular and largely sold. The Speyside place has the maximum number of distilleries in the whole of Scotland and also the highest production of whisky occurs from the Highland area. The Islay and Island area tend to be relatively scaled-down when it comes to making scotch.

The whiskies from the Highland as well as Speyside region are cozy as well as fairly sweet. If you want to introduce someone to whisky and therefore wish to give them this present it is advisable to pick whiskies from the Speyside area. The whiskies from this location are the sweetest and also have a very good excellent equilibrium. After that in line come the Highland whiskies. The Islay malts are best provided to people who already have developed their taste for whisky and therefore are seasoned enthusiasts. The malts from the Islay area are very powerful in tastes and are extremely smoky and peaty .

A number of whiskies which make for superb presents would be the Glenfiddich, Glenlivet, Glenmorangie, Macallan etc. These Speyside as well as Highland malts tend to be appreciated by everyone without difficulty. In the event you are searching for some thing more powerful for that veteran whisky drinker then try out Lagavulin whisky. It has an extremely powerful character which can be extremely smoky as well as originates from all of the peat in this region. Island whiskies are incredibly coastal in flavor almost slightly salty. Try the Talisker if you wish to present Island malts distillery whiskey.

If you want to come up with your own whisky present something your host may treasure then try and accessorize the bottle the proper way. You can complement your bottle by having an exotic Cuban cigar as well as cutter. You might look at crystal decanters as well as whisky glasses to accompany the bottle. Consuming whisky poured out from a decanter is able to alleviate the whisky drinking experience. When choosing whisky glasses you can check out whisky tumblers, nosing glasses also called sniffers or even the Glencairn which is a glass that can be used either for whisky drinking as well as sniffing. Having a small amount of creativeness you can create your whisky gift absolutely remarkable.